"Tender Metropolis: Warszawa - Budapest" is a film project that consist of three separate parts:

International Script Competition
Filmmakers workshops in Budapest
Film Festival "Where is Poland?"

This year’s edition is aimed at Hungarian and Polish film collaboration.
We want young filmmakers from the two countries to make friends, and let them make three short films together.
This edition of the project takes place in Budapest. Our participants will explore and discover this vibrant and creative city.

If you want to get creative and take part in an international project, join us!

February 24 Deadline for applications for Filmmakers
workshops in Budapest
March 1 Deadline of International Script Competition
March 14-19 Workshops and Shooting in Budapest
April Film Festival "Where is Poland" in Budapest


"My New Life"

We announce an international competition aimed at both experienced writers and beginners. We are looking for short film scripts that are easy to produce and feature urban themes. Three winners will be awarded with EUR 250 each and their scripts will be filmed by a crew of Polish and Hungarian filmmakers.

The main motive of the screenplays is "My New Life".

The old myth of the city brings about stories that start with: "I came here trying to...". Is it possible today to make a remake of this great metropolitan dream?
The metropolis is sleeping now but its energy attracts newcomers. They are already here! Did they come yesterday, one month ago, or maybe they have been living here all their lives... Are they ready to wake up with the city and start a new life now? Today, in the early morning the tenderness of metropolis is bringing a new story... you are a part of it.
Transform these sensations of the city into a screenplay for a short film. However the overall impression of the screenplay should be optimistic and send forth a positive message.

The jury will pick 10 scripts that will be presented to the filmmakers taking part in the project. They, in turn, will choose three scripts they will film. The best screenplays will be awarded with cash prizes. Taking part in the competition is free of charge.

Detailed requirements:
Deadline for applications is March 1.

Locations: max. 3
Actors: max. 5
Length: max. 10 minutes

The rules of the competition are available here.


Let’s build a crew and shoot a film!

We are looking for prospective directors, cinematographers, editors, sound-men, producers, costume and production designers from Poland and Hungary and all who love films and want to be a part of the film crews in Budapest.

Each of the three groups will turn into a self-sufficient film crew. Workshops and shooting will take place in March 2017 in Budapest.

36 participants (18 from Poland 18 from Hungary), divided into three film crews, will take part in the project. Each group will be working on one of the awarded screenplays. Professional directors will be artistic supervisors of the groups: Agnieszka Gomułka, Roman Przylipiak and Maciej Michalski.
The short films will have a premiere during the film festival "Where is Poland?" and Polish Film Spring in Budapest.

Fill in the application form and join our
"Tender Metropolis team".


Participation fee for Polish participants is PLN 400
It includes:
transportation costs: plane or train (Warsaw-Budapest)
accommodation: 6 nights in a hostel (Minoo House)

It also covers taking part in the workshops, lectures, film equipment and the film budget.

Participation fee for Hungarian participants is EUR 50
It covers taking part in the workshops, lectures, film equipment and the film budget.

It does not include accommodation in Budapest and transportation costs.

You pay only after you’ve been selected to take part in the project.


February 24 Deadline for filmmakers
February 27 Information about results of open call.
March 14 -17 4 days preparing for production - analyzing scripts, castings, dividing roles in the film crew, finding locations, and millions of things that are necessary at the set.
Each group will be given film equipment and budget for their film (actors fee, catering, locations, extra equipment and accessories necessary to make your film). You will be supported by a leader - mentor - a professional film director, experienced in educational programs.
On top of that you will participate in three seminars held by Hungarian filmmakers.
March 18-19 Shooting in Budapest
March 20 - April 10 Editing and post production.
April The premiere of three films in Budapest during "Where is Poland" film festival and Polish Film Spring in Budapest.

Where is Poland - a film festival

The final element of the "Tender Metropolis" project will be a festival of the Polish artistic films “Where is Poland". It is organized as a part of co-operation with the Polish Institute in Budapest in the framework of the Polish Spring Festival, which takes place every year in Budapest.

The festival program is coming soon.






Urszula Heuwinkel,
Producer, currently based in Berlin.
Wojtek Augustyniak,
Producer, Warsaw and Łódź citizen :)

Questions, discussions and stories... this is how we started.
This way we developed the idea for Tender Metropolis.
It is difficult to say, which was first - the love for the cities or the love for music videos? But it happened! We started co-operating and we developed a plan. In 2016 the Tender Metropolis took place in Berlin and Warsaw, in 2017 it will take place in Budapest.
Feel welcome!

"Plaster" Cultural Initiatives Foundation, founded in 2008, an initiator and producer of film projects such as film festivals, music videos and camera workshops, courses in documentaries, mostly in Warsaw and Łódź.
Art Prospects Foundation, founded in 2014 to open up inspiring prospects on cultural life in Europe through artistic productions.

Wojtek Augustyniak
Telephone: +48 660477834

Urszula Heuwinkel
Telephone: +49 1773916740
Telephone: +48 504627586

maciej michalski


Maciej Michalski
Graduated from the Academy of Art in Poznań. The main subject of his artistic activity was combination of video-art with realistic painting. With time these trials resulted in the feature film SCANDA in 2003, where he combined his fascination of painting with moving image. His next film was THE DOLL’S HOUSE (Dom lalek) released in 2005. In the next few years Maciej Michalski has realized many video clips, mainly for Justyna Steczkowska and other artists such as Irena Jarocka, Indigo, Cristina Bien. THE SNOW QUEEN (Krolowa sniegu) is Maciej Michalski’s feature debut for which he also composed music enriched with Justyna Steczkowska’s voice. In 2013 he directed his next feature film THE CANADIAN DRESSES including best polish actors and actresses. In 2017 He is going to present in cinemas his new picture "CUCULE"

Roman Przylipiak - director / scriptwriter
Born in 1973 in Gdańsk. He graduated from the National Film School in Łódź with a degree in Film and TV Direction, and from the Wajda Film School. He studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He participated in a special workshop programme, organized by the Goethe Institute and ran by Marcel Łoziński, during which 33 directors from 10 countries made feature and documentary films based on their original scripts.
Apart from feature and experimental films, his portfolio includes several dozen music videos awarded with multiple prizes and awards. He won the second prize in the ‘Crossing Boundaries’ International Competition for his short film ‘Kurs’/’Course’.
He creates visualizations for theater plays – for Powszechny and Studio theatres in Warsaw, and for the Ludwik Solski Academy for Dramatic Arts in Cracow. He makes films for the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His portfolio also includes several experimental projects in which photography blends with film, and film such as: ‘Pociąg Relacji’/’Relationship Train’, exhibited at the National Museum in Warsaw in 2005. In 2013 he published a comic book ‘Papierowe Chłopaki’/’Paper Boys’ – a sentimental journey in time to the turn of the 1990s.

Sebastian Buttny
Sebastian Buttny: director and screenwriter. Winner of prestigious Munk Prize Competition 2013-2014 for the best Polish full-length debut film “HEAVY MENTAL”, which had its world at the 29. Warsaw Film Festival in 2013. Winner of the Bronze Dinosaur award at the International Film Festival “Etiuda” in Cracow for his experimental documentary “CESAR IN CITIES”. Buttny, who started as an independent award-winning filmmaker (ABSOLUTE RECORD, BLINDMAN PUSHED OUT THE DOG and other), graduated from the Directing department at The Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. During that period he worked on short fiction and documentary films.
As a screenwriter/ copywriter he worked for major commercial campaignes. He is a four time winner of the Polish Film Institute and the Script Agency scholarship and a founder of unmade.beds photography project available on


Agnieszka Kruk
Chairman of the Script Competition Jury
Script-neuron collider, that is... scriptwriter, educator, creator and organizer of Script Fiesta, the biggest Polish festival for scriptwriters. Traslator of Linda Aroson's "21st Century Screenplay: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Tomorrow's Films". The only certified script coach in Poland. Story consultant working with scriptwriters, novelists and filmmakers. Expert evaluating documentary and feature projects for the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. Founder and head lecturer at

Ákos Mester
Ákos Mester is a freelance gap manager. He worked as director, editor, cameraman, first assistant director in Film and TV projects. He is also the program director of BUSHO FILM festival.
Since 2015, Ákos is a tutor at the BUDAPEST METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY."


Script competition:

Deadline for authors - March 1 go to

Open Call / Filmmakers:

36 participants will take part in the project - 18 from Poland and 18 from Hungary. The participants must be 18+. No prior film education is required - we’re open to all who love films and already have some film experience.


The total cost of taking part in the project is PLN 400 - Polish participants. EUR 50 - Hungarian participants. You pay only after you’ve been selected to take part in the project. There’s no fee if you take part only in the screenwriting competition.

Accommodation & Travel:

We cover the accommodation and travel expenses for Polish participants ( plane or train WAW_BUD; BUD_WAW, hostel: Minoo House).

March 14 Arrival. Accommodation at Hostel
Walk around Budapest organized by the Polish Institute in Budapest
Welcome meeting at Docu Art & screening of the best Hungarian short films.
Welcome Party
March 15-17 Meetings at Docu Art
Working with in three groups each day with mentors (5h)
Hungarian independent films (2h)
My way - meeting with the director (2h)
Cinematographer’s Craft (2h)
March 18-19 Shooting in Budapest
March 20 Departure in the morning
March 20 - April 10 Editing and post production of short films
April The official premiere of the short films
Film Festival “Where is Poland?" and Polish Film Spring in Budapest

Addresses in Budapest

Docu Art
Ráday u. 18. – Erkel u. 15. (Entrance from Erkel street)

Polish Institute
Nagymező u. 15.

Minoo House
Mikszáth tér 3.

Contact Information:

Wojtek Augustyniak
Telephone: +48 660477834
Urszula Heuwinkel
Telephone: +49 177 3916740
Telephone: +48 504627586

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